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festival recipe from living with amy
sometimes it seems to be a party at the very last minute. you know what i’m talking about? people will stop by, or bob will call me from work and say, do you mind if i bring some guys by or people by after work? i always try and have a few things on hand to make throwing a last-minute party together pretty easy. one of my kind of rock-star things are these little mini phyllo shel cups, because you can do so many different things with them. you can just kep them in your pantry. ii had mine in my pantry for — i pick up a few boxes and they can sit in your pantry for six months or more. they’re really great to have on hand to throw a last-minute dessert together, throw lately cherry pie filling in them, a few nuts on top. you can make quick and easy tiramisu in here with mascarpone cheese, capital ooha and cream on top. a zillion things you can do. throw chicken salad in here, shrimp salad



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