Little Rhody Doughnut Capital Of The U.S.

Rhode Island has more doughnut shops per capita than any other region in the U.S. That’s according to a new study by the research firm NPD Group, Inc., published in the Providence Business News.nnThe report says the Providence metropolitan area has roughly 25.3 doughnut shops per 100,000 people.nnThat’s about 25% more than the second-place city, Boston.
we have our prayers with them. changing subjects just a little bit, we have big and exciting news about little rhodie, railroad officially the doughnut capital of the u.s. >> it was — >> something to be proud of. >> you’re welcome. >> now, according to a market research firm, the providence metropolitan area has more doughnut shops per capita than any other region in the u.s. >> so true. >> and in case you were wondering, we have about 25 doughnut shops per 100,000 people. >> oh my god. >> you know you’re lost in rhode island if you go a half mile and you don’t see a dunkin’ doughnuts. >> i can tell you, of i have been at a dunkin’ doughnuts, or i’ve taken a dunkin’ doughnuts and thrown it at the other dunkin’ doughnuts and hit it. >> you cannot miss a d & d, seemingly every corner. but you know what? i’d rather be known as having the most doughnuts per square mile than having the m



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