Little Love Monster Cupcakes

Adorable cupcake monsters!
. >> if my good friend claire is watching, i’m going to brag about you for a second. my 5-year-old went to her son easton’s mario birthday party over the weekend. she didn’t talk about anything but the fact that the cake w homemade, mom, it was the coolest cake ever. she said homemade three times. tammy is here, and she says i can do it. she is an instructor for willton. this can be at your child’s next party and the cupcakes. >> yes. >> how are you? >> i’m good. how are you. >> so good to have you on the show. i ran into tammy and her mom how long ago was it, like last summer. >> last august. >> and we were eating cupcakes and you were telling me all the stuff about them th that i needed to know. if the frosting wag right or cake was right. those are important. >> most people usually bake them at the wrong temperature and they overcook them. that’s not real good for a cupcake. >> i may



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