Little Big Macs

Little big macs
as they coks up one of his favorites, little big macs. >> it’s basically exactly what you find at one of the most famous fast fod places. it has the bun. theirs are white. ours are black. ours is al beef plus ragu. our onions are caramelized. some cheese. we have a gouda, which is delicious. it’s gout gouda. and special sauce. that’s very special. take a fairly warm pan, take onions. the buns. we make the buns here. you have o — you don’t have to make the buns at home. you can do parker house rolls. look for mabelizeing. ask your butcher for a 75/25 mix and have him grind it coarse for this. is it the buns, the burger, the onion? for me it’s the special sauce. is it special! if you don’t have a lot of time, you only ned two ingredients. two. thousand island, preferably house made, okay, if you want to make your thousand island, get a normal, simple recipe, make it, personalize it, and t



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