Linguini & Clams And Breadpudding

Linguini & Clams and Breadpudding
do not. i will have to look into natalie portman. we will talk about food in the kitchen with chef robert of city dock restaurant. the counter is covered. you’re so well organized. you made us breakfast sandwiches again. >> we have this million-dollar of aoven. >> two kinds of clam sauce to collect the red and the white. disregard the clam if it has a crack in it. rinse them thoroughly. i will pre-boil them to what the water or through them to make sure there is no salt or sand. >> do they go in your sauced in the the shell? >> both. putting the garlic as we always do. >> a generous helpings of garlic. >> some white wine that is not going to flyame. we will look at brown. i have two types of clams. use the broth from the can. i used red flags, crushed red pepper. some people use tabasco sauce. i do not. >> you were starting with the same foundation. at some point, they are going to diver



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