Lighthouse Restaurant

TV Maitre d’ Joe Zito heads to Johnston, RI for some cozy family dining at the Lighthouse Restaurant.
well. >> this morning in quick bites, our tv maitre d’ visits a johnston familyy restaurant. here’s joe zito with this morning’s quick bites. >> i like to call the lighthouse restaurant a beacon in the day on buzzi hartford avenue. as busy as folks get in our hustle and bustle world of fast-food drive-throughs and cappuccinos, people still love breakfast and lunch, with foodthoo made — >> just the way you would cook it at home. the comfort feeling of hanging around there, cook good food, talk to the waitresses or davsee or my se. >> or anybody. >> or anybody sitting at the counter with you. >> that’s the onus for michael and david, who also own the legendary sea plane diner indi providence,id andnd popular amanda’s kitchen in pawtucket. it’s a simple recipe. find nice people to serve good food to other nice people in a clean, friendly environment. well, thell lighthouse restaurant is sp



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