Light Fish Dish

Light fish dish
to show us how to make a light fish dish perfect for summer. >> hi, amy. >> nice to meet you. >> what are we making? >> shrimp with feta cheese. >> you know what i like. let’s get started. what’s first? >> first thing is season our shrimp. >> how is that? >> perfect. very good. >> i forgot this one. >> okay. >> better start cooking. >> over here – >> this is not your average burner. >> this has ben on since 8:0 this morning. it’s hot! we need to start with the olive oil. you want to do it gently. it is hot. [laughter] >> if you look at the bottom of the shrimp is it starting to change color? we’re just looking for that color to continue halfway up the shrimp. we’re going to wait for that color to come back. now we have them flipped. you’re going to add shalots and garlic. >> how much? >> four shallots, two cloves of garlic, red pepper flakes. now give it a flip. >> that’s funny! >> there



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