Don’t throw out those holiday leftovers. There’s a way you can use those holiday foods to make new culinary creations.
left over. >> sick of being stuck with the same old leftovers? wouldn’t you like to have some new option force al your extras? we have some choices even your children will lov >>> jessica is looking to get out of your turkey leftover rut. >> turkey and rice every year, it gets redundant. >> reporter: brace yourself, chef joshua has some interesting options that may have you looking les forward to the leftovers — as forward to the leftovers as you do the main meal. >> i like to make a turkey chili, a turkey pizza, a turkey pot pie instead of a turkey soup. >> reporter: hes wil suggest you include your sides in your post holiday plan. >> i like to take the beans and the peas and the carrots and mix them into the potatoes, wrap them in a litle dough, deep fry them. >> reporter: or convert your cranberry into a cider. your pie make a perfect liquid dessert. >> i take my pie, throw it in the



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