Lick Your Lips Mini-Donuts: New Food Truck In Town

A new food truck in town.
>> food trucks, seen them all over town. everything from hotdogs to asian food. now, doughnuts. >> doughnuts. today laken gooch is here from a new food truck in town. lick your lips. mini doughnuts, with combinations that may surprise you. welcome. >> do you make them in the truck? >> yes. >> with the oil and stuff? >> yes. >> i want to visit t i want to live in there. >> i love food trucks but this is new. breakfast. >> or dessert. >> or dessert. tell me about these? >> peanut butter and jelly. and it is blackberry jam, peut butter drizzle and peanuts. >> what? i don’t know what you are talking about. what? >> should i try it 1234. >> yes. >> this is samore. >> this is great. you know, are you doing this like regular cake doughnuts? >> all vanilla cake doughnuts with gourmet topics. this is chocolate with sprinkles. >> how long has this truck been open. >> we started in may. >> i am lic



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