Liberty Square Deli

Liberty Square Deli in Door County
>> we’re back. today’s show is about planning a trip to the beach. when was the last time you were at the beach, hanging out, reading a book, packing a picnic. we made that great layered picnic sandwich earlier the inshow. we’re going to make these giant monster cookies, peanut butter, m and ms. i know a lot of people can’t do the flour thing. if you don’t have time to pack your own lunch we found a great little deli in door county. they’ll do the whole thing for you. check it out. >> welcome to liberty square deli. we’re glad to have you here today. we want to tell you what we have here. this was just named one of the best specialty food delis in door county. we’re very broad of that. we have a whole assortment of things available for people who want to eat on the terrace or take food to go back to where they’re staying. so we have huge assortment of wisconsin aword winning chees, on we



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