Lexington’s Best Pizza Contest

Today Lyssa and Troy visited Grimaldis Pizzeria for our Best Pizza in Lexington Contest.
break. c1 3 look at grimaldi’s coal brick oven pizzeria as part of the best pizza in lexington contest where we get the pleasure of tasteing the best in local pizza. let’s take a look at what makes grimaldi’s so great speaker 1: hey everyone. we are right here at grimaldi’s pizza in the beautiful summit shopping center. right here with me is hector godinez. he is the corporate chef with grimaldi’s. welcome to the show. hector godinez: thanks for having me. speaker 1: thank you for having us here too. hector godinez: of course. speaker 1: okay, first of all, tell us a little bit about the history of grimaldi’s. hector godinez: sure. speaker 1: i know that first you’re going to be making us a pizza. the pizza that you’re going to be making us is the buffalo chicken pizza, right? hector godinez: buffalo chicken … correct. speaker 1: so, you go ahead and get started on your pizza, but i do



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