Lexington Burger Week – 7-13-17

Lexington Burger Week – 7-13-17
46 c1 3 946 welcome back to good day if you join us at all this week yo might know that is in fact lexington earlier week were four days and now were chipping away 46 burgers exit torti eight to be exact five dollars apiece fo the best deals in town special burgers not only on the regular menu or tells all about wintry stanley and shannon really with us i i been doing my thing i love cheeseburgers but this wee especially we really get into it so this been going on for a few years now tells of the bumper weaknesses at their year and yo know it’s going strong and more people out this year than ever before in only at restaurant lattimore the last year but we have more attendees than ever before pml is a good burger yea- round especially for five dollars to in these are burgers that i would they probably would cost between 12 and $15 regularly to sit in a great deal and great for that gettin



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