Let’s Cook Tonight

As America’s Cooking Cheerleader™, she is creating a movement of men and women who are cooking for their families to improve their health, create quality family time, and to save money. She wrote a cookbook, Lets Cook Tonight, that teaches how to make delicious, nutritious dinners using the least amount of thought, work and time.nnDenisha Workizer will be cooking a complete menu from the Let’s Cook Tonight cookbook. She will demonstrate how easy the recipes are to understand and follow and that even a busy, working mom who does not like to cook can make a delicious meal using Lets Cook Tonight as her guide.
>! as pearlyñr white as theyñi should be. >> but first don’tñr younb? dreadñi make dinner everyçó night? atz takes so much time that you just want to pop in that frjwjññi pizza. >>,nd asçóñi easy as it may be,ñr it cewprglym?ñr isñi notñi veryñi healthy. america’s cooking cheerleader isñrñi j& &eading añr movement that t change the b you makeñi dinner. good morning toñrñi you. >> welcome to the show. >>úit’s a pleasure toñi beçóñrçó here.çó >> gigi, are you calling this a food movement. howçó did this movement sort of geñ sta+éqb andñi whatñi cançó ou tell usñr about it? cjp>> oh, i’mñrñr soñi excited. it’s a movement of men and womenñi ( that are cooking for their families and loving it. and theçóñi reason tdl’re lovingñi it is it isñr because they’re experiencing the benefits that cookingñi provides. j& atñi home, you’re go



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