Leslie Segrete

Leslie Segrete, from TLC’s trading spaces, joins us via satellite to talk about research done on men and cooking. She also talks about her new show on a&e.
>> and most of us first met leslie seghretti on “trading spaces while you are out” and it is great to have you on “the morning blend” this morning, leslie. >> thanks for having me, mary. >> first of all, let’s start with this research. let’s talk about the focus. >> well it was on men and cooking and there is allrecipes.com and they asked a lot of questions and we found it interesting because cooking in general the guys were more willing and enjoying and preparing meals and it was 82% of men over 75% of the women enjoyed preparing the meals and when it came to time it took for preparing the meals guys spent 40 minutes or however long it took to put a meal on the table and to be efficient to do it in 40 minutes or less it was interesting to see that. >> did that surprise you and was there anything else surprising about that research? >> well, i was surprised because it doesn’t happen in m



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