Leon’s Restaurant

A traditional Italian dish from Leon’s
a n italian dish that is a “superstition turned tradition” and is rumored to bring wealth and fortune!we welcome back eddie varipapa executive chef and owner of leon’s restaurant in new we welcome back the executive chef and owner of leon’s restaurant inau new haven. welcome: come over here, i love it. we’re mak ing a really cool dish. >> absolutely. >> tell us h>>owl we say it and what doesoe it mean. >> translated to – tradition…you say .. the first meal of e the new year should be lentils? cotechino is a winter sausage? let’s get startedt and you will be year’s eve menu. we’re doing five to seven seating, ddding $50 per0 person — doing $50 per person. you going to flip the pan? >> i was going to try. >> add the lentils, coat them with the olive oil. >> stir that around a litotle bit. >> you’re enjoying this, aren’t you? >> having a good time. sit back and relax for a minute. >> the



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