Leon’s Oktoberfest

Leon’s Restaurant Italian Oktoberfest.
first annual italian oktoberfest at leon’s. we’re back’r with eddie and chefh sacho who desiree sexually refers to as sacho. i coul d not let that go because everybody at the restaurantst calls you that now. >> this is held in germany, onee of the bigest beer festivals in the world and we decided to stay true to our heritage with an italian-fest. the beers match so perfectly with the food and that ish what we’re really i mpresalsed with. >> this is happening monday, thee 12th. >> mond ay, october 12, between 5:00 and 7:0. tax and gratuity is included. we’re doing beers bers bers from peidmont and other places. >> are you serving pumpkin risoto and pumpkin uice cream like we are making today. >> we m ight. w >> we will have you decorate your steps for the holidays.o >> do you that? we’re doing risoto. >> add the oil. >> and you cooked the rice ahead of time becau se this isis tv. >> yes.



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