Lentil Soup

Lentil soup
bonus is the five grams of fiber in the potato that helps control hunger. >>> soup is a great comfort food. but before you can open up that can, listen up. in today’s “better” bites, jennifer introduces us to a quick, easy lentil soup that the whole family will love. take a lok. >> today we’re going to make lentil soup. it’s wintertime. it’s great to come home to a comforting bowl of hot soup. you can have lentil soup in about two minutes. we’re going to heat one tablespoon of olive oil. we have our pressure coker set on the saute feature. to that, we’re going to ad about two onions that have been chopped. we have about thre carots that have been diced and one clove of garlic that’s ben crushed. we’re just going to cook that for about a minute or two, just until it releases a nice fragrant aroma. and we’re going to season with a little bit of salt and some fresh pepper. do that to whatev



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