Lemon Wishes & Blueberry Dreams Waffles

Chef Anthony DiSano made Lemon Wishes & Blueberry Dreams Waffles.
blueberris on top. >> i’m done. >> now do we. what is next. >> top it off with powder sugar. >> powder sugar. okay. a little bit of that. vince, do you want to try my waffle? >> sure. >> i’m going to pass this over. >> you don’t have to pass me over. here is another one. make up another one. >> okay. >> a little flat. >> yours is a little flat, vi vince. >> listen i — never mind. >> what do you think? >> that’s darn good. >> you like it? usually you’re a syrup guy. >> we have syrup too. >> put some on there. >> on top. >> thank you, anthony from ts in cranston, thank you for coming on



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