Lemon Tartlets

Branford High students prepare lemon tartlets.
in the culinary field at their in school restaurant, class act. student zachary fair is here, along with james bannon. what a great resource at the school. >> thank you. >> what are we making today. ? mini lemon tartlets. >> they look fantastic. >> tell us about the program. >> basically what it is is a hands on learning by doing program. the kids are — they come out from behind the desk and they actually get to put their hands in the food and make something, produce, create. >> we’re going to put you to the test zachary. i will switch spots with you. get is started. this is not traditional dough. this is — >> typical sugar cookie dough. >> you want the tartlets to be crisp, right? >> yes. >> what do we do? >> we dust the countertop with flour. along with the rolling pin so that the dough does not stick. >> is that what you want to go into, a chef? >> i want to be a chef. i will atend



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