Lemon Posset W/ Lee White

Lemon Posset with food colmunist Lee White
choice. welcome. >> thank you. >> nice to see you. >> we are making something that i had no idea what this was. a posset. >> it is called a poset. p-o-s-s-e-t-t >> what does it mean? >> i don’t know. i have looked into it, but it is like a pudding, but with no eggs. >> he will have to come over and try this afterwards. >> three ingredients. heavy cream. >> we should be able to do this, three ingredients. >> sugar, lemon juice. >> let’s get started. this is heavy cream, and it is two cups of heavy cream. >> two cups, oh, i love heavy cream. >> oh, so do i. >> that is one of the reasons that the fod is so good. >> how long does it take to cook? >> six minutes. >> wow. >> together, from beginning to end. >> okay. what you do is put in the cream. you add three quarters of a cup of sugar. >> i use a whisk. >> i love the whisk. >> this is especially good because it doesn’t get hot. with this r



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