Lemon Pie And Fruity Tacos

Chief Meteorologist Derick Fabert joins us in the ciKitchen for weather related recipes.
as we sent derek off in ciliving style. >>matt: colleen hatton for dish starting with a sunshine lemon pie. >> we wanted to do happy although i am really sad. >> are you sad that i’m going to picking at the ingredients? >> forecast is done. i am right behind that door. >>heather: what goes into our sunshine pie? >> a – – for eggs that i whisked nice and smooth. this is a whole lemon that i took the seeds out. i very meticulously got the seeds out and i ran it through the food processor. this pie tastes amazing. then we’ve got a half cup of melted butter. there’s nothing really good for you, past the lemon it’s all downhill. half cup of sugar. >> oh my gosh. >> then we will add about a tablespoon of vanilla. super simple. we will mix this all together. reported in the pie shell and bake it for 40 minutes. it will be nice and brown on top. >>matt: are there particular crusts that will go w



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