Lemon Macarons

Moondust Macarons in the Kitchen.
too. there’s a wholewh bunch, you never know, you could be our next bigbi business.si from businesss to macroons.oo >> i’m trying ito get thecorrectco pronunciation betwpreen aci macrons and a macroons and to explain it all is steven finch. what is the difference between a macrons and a macrons.. >> the are french macreroons and they’re different fromer the conut macroons, this is a sandwich cookie, kind of looksf like a pastry and youd sandwich an itty tplogetphe r withog a jam oram a butter cream and it’sd just aju very delicate meringue cookie. c >> that’s huge in france. an >> it’s>> really, really big and a it’s been around for a long time. the recipe has been around since the rena issance but hasn’t found f its way to the states yet — >> until.il >> –it shall until now. >> and you’re y startingg to cook this stuff in your kitchen? he >> right. we’re in northor kingston, but it’s



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