Lemon Curd With Strawberries

Lemon Curd with Strawberries
if you lemon and fresh strawberry’s you you will love this recipe. this is our sponsored segment. brew we jump in you watch midday and good things utah you know we’ve complained a time or two about cook top. guess what they swooped in changed out. we have something completely brand new i love our mach over. i’m glad you like it. we saw these were kind of shot. we love cooking in here. they were just tired we need somethings a little different. so this is an induction cook top. so within duction you can still get that sleek look of a glass cook top but all responsiveness of a gas range. so if you’re sitting a home right now you say i wanted that, can anyone trade theirs in and out? yes you can replace them. yes. you can put induction in and electric no problem at all don’t need to run gas line. you can heat quickly. you can simmer gently over here sherry what are you asimmering jeptly ove



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