Lee’s Discount Liquor

Experience over a thousand great wines from France, Chile, Spain and the U.S.! We’ll show you how to get in on the 8th Annual Lee’s Wine Experience.
>> dao: welcome back, everyone. this weekend get a taste of some fabulous wines from around the country and help a great cause. there are also plenty of other drinks on hand. >> shawn: to tell us about lee’s wine experience, kenny lee with lee’s discount liquor and bethany bachman. >> thank you. >> shawn: how does are did the wine experience get started? >> in 2002, our business was thriving back then too and my father decided it’s time to give back to the community. how can we do it? there was only one wine tasting back then. they had theirs in the spring so we decided to do one in the fall i wouldn’t people like wine in the fall. >> dao: year-round but that’s okay. >> we raised some money and handed it out to charities. we’ve been doing it for eight years. >> dao: that’s how you started lee’s helping hand. tell bus that. >> it’s a great charity in the valley. we help autistic kids, wha



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