Learning Sustainable Seafood

Learning more about what “Sustainable Seafood” is all about and how you can keep it in mind for cooking at home or ordering at the restaurant.
>>> we’re in the kitchen now. i got my cheat sht on you. you grew up in arnold palmer country. >> my high school was on arnold palmer lane. pennsylvania. >> you came to baltimore international college. you remember her now from “top chef.” we’re speaking with the great chef from the woodbury kitchen, jill snyder. she’s going to be talking at the national aquarium about sustainable seafood. what do you mean by that? >> sustainable seafood basically means being responsible about your choices in what you eat. we don’t want to harm the environment. we want to choose seafood that is farmed and raised sustainably. we don’t want fish that is overfished. >> here you are just miles from the bay. we’re worried about the gulf. how worried are you as a chef? >> i’m very concerned about what is going on in the gulf. i know it will affect the entire world. i think we need to give any seafood that is c



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