Learn How To Be A Heart-Healthy Cook

Lutheran Hospital sponsored a heart-healthy cooking class.
came to lutheran hospital to do – in a heart-healthy cooking class 43:43 ted you feel like you’re not eating correctly and there’s got to be other alternatives you’re not aware of so lutheran nutritional services cooked dinner – showing healthy food can still taste good! tuesday’s menu? almond-crusted salmon with citrus bulgur pilaf and chive green bean and hummus with pita chips and veggies for an appetizer. – some people were surprised when they tried it 48:22 stephanie a lot of people said wow i didn’t know i liked salmon, i didn’t know i liked hummus, never tried it before a common perception is that cookign a healthy meal costs a lot and takes a long time – but dietitian stephanie yeadon says that’s not true. 46:30 stephanie it’s ok for some convience things like the green beans we cooked can find those in the produce section trimmed and ready to go 47:05stephanie if you buy whole g



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