Learn A Few Sake Recipes For International Sake Day

Sake can be served cold or hot
>>> a new one for you, i bet you didn’t know that today is international soki day. how are you doing? >> very well thank you,. >> have you gotten started today? >> not yet today, but it’s a long road ahead of us. >>> probably after this. >> no question about it. >> so you’re with raw and you have five locations around the valley. are you doing something special today? >> well, went to get the attention of all the people out there, and let them know that it’s only not about hot, there’s a variety of cold out there. >> people call eight rice wine. it’s actually more similar to a beer. just like fine wine, there’s varieties of it. just like with grapes. >> now do you think it’s better to drink it hot, fast, cold? >> the cold is a people yum. >> so the cheap stuff is the hot stuff. >> cheap stuff in a box, good stuff in a bottle. >> there you go. >> i’ve never had a drink. >> one of the big



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