Leander Students In The Kitchen

Kids fight obesity with culinary skill
money. 3 on the same day the president and first lady roll out a battle plan to fight childhood obesity… students in williamson county are putting on chef hats for a healthy cook-off in the kitchen. kitchen.kxan’s erin cargile is live at cedar park high school with the story, erin? 3 the timing of both were just a coincidence… but leander isd says tonight’s event is one way they can be a part of the push in washington to solve the childhood obesity problem plaguing this nation 3 from “scooter surprise”.. to “sponge bob waffles”… the samples were going fast a leander isd’s annual culinary competition.the challenge: challenge:cameron boucher says, “it had to be a healthy snack that kids could make after school.”a task 11-year-old cameron boucher thought would be tough.”when i tried it, it was very easy.” his roast beef wraps were a hit with parents… but waiting for the judges..”i’m



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