Laziza Hookah Lounge & Restaurant

Take a trip to the Mediterranean without leaving Las Vegas! Today, Laziza Hookah Lounge and Restaurant stops by to show you all of the fun, food and friends you’ll make at their one-of-a-kind restaurant.
>> shawn: welcome back to the blend “the blend.” let the cultures come together in a lebanese restaurant. it’s about the ambiance inside. with more on laziza. the chef joseph and asbats well. thank you for joining us first of all, laziza is the greatest name of anything ever. explain how it came along. >> we were just — it’s an arabic word for delicious and the way it goes is it’s more for the female said of it. it’s different when you translate it but that’s the meaning pretty much. >> shawn: this is lebanese style food. how do you differentate. >> lebanese has more spices and more authentic when it comes to it. so that’s the biggest difference between the two. >> shawn: we have new sanctuary on. explain the differences between them and laziza. >> the difference is actually the food menu itself. new sairn sairn sanctuary is global fusion. ours is authentic. we bring it to vegas and wan



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