Layered Italian Sandwich

Layered Italian Sandwich
got one for you today. stick around! i’ve got to get to my picnic sandwich. i love a great sandwich. sometimes i bring a pasta sandwich, but chip, sandwich, something to drink, a dessert. it’s great for the picnic or the beach. you can actually make it the morning of or the night before, so it’s just a kind of a great method. you can fill it with all sorts of things. let’s get to it. first thing to do, just cut this nice big loaf of — this is like a crusty country french bread. this happens to be roasted garlic. we’re going to do like an italian theme layered sandwich. i saw this at festival. i foot this is great. there are pieces of roasted garlic in here, yum. i’m going to hallow out the bread a little bit. just with my hands so there will be lots of room to put the filling for the sandwich. don’t worry. i’m not going to eat the whole sandwich. i can leave some for bob. i don’t know w



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