Layered Fiesta Dip

country village layered fiesta dip
show us a great tip recipe. >> with the vegetables at the peak of perfection at the farmer’s markets right now we have a great kind of fun fiesta taco salad for you today. it’s very, very simple. the main ingredient. this will be different than a regular taco tip. this is a hot pepper cheese dip mix. this is going to be your base. that’s all you do is take this dip mix and you are going to mix it with sour cream. the sour cream once you have it mixed up you are going to want it to chill for at least four-hours. we recommend like 24-hours. it will really come out the flavor will be really, really perfect within 24-hours. to make it dip mix we are going to spread it across the platter. this is something you can serve as an entree actually because of the meat. you can serve it — it’s perfect for like a football party or maybe a taco night with your family. you are going to want to spread t



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