Lawsuit: Yo Quiero Real Meat, Taco Bell

Fast food connoisseurs may have replaced the catch phrase “Yo quiero Taco Bell” with “Where’s the beef?” after hearing about a lawsuit claiming the meat used in Taco Bell’s food doesn’t qualify as beef.
The beef over taco bell’s beef is headed for the courts. An alabama law firm is suing the fat food manufacturer claiming what the company calls meat is far from it.nnSeasoned beef and notcho cheese sauce.nnReporter: a new lawsuit claims you should be asking taco bell where is the beef?nnWe tested the meat and it was not ground beefism.nnReporter: it started when a former taco bell manager claimed the meat was a taco meat mixture. Lawyers say tests validate.nnIt was less than 40%. We believe 36% beef.nnReporter: the lawsuit claims in reality a substantial majority of the filling is compromised of substances other than beef. Bologna according to ceo.nnIt is 88%.nnReporter: they are fighting back by buying full page ads and have uploaded video to youtube. It may not be necessary. Many taco bell customers vowed to keep thinking outside the buns regardless of what is in their burrito.nnIf it



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