Laura’s Lean Beef – All-American Burger 4-21

Laura’s Lean Beef – All-American Burger 4-21
laura’s lean beef for the show c1 3 lara’s lean beef and our guest chef today. brian, how are you my friend? brian: doing good. how are you? host: welcome to the show. brian: thank you. host: ever met an aussie before? brian: multiple time, yes. host: oh, darn. well you know, if anything, that we are the kings of barbecue. now, when i said barbecue not like you guys in the south. brian: okay. host: okay. hamburgers. we like a good hamburger. brian: that’s good. host: why is laura’s lean beef the choice of meat for hamburgers? brian: well, for most people these days, i think you’re paying close attention to your health and your wellness. one of the things that laura’s can do for you is that we have a lean product. so if you’re looking to keep beef in your diet, and most people, most americans, like to eat hamburgers. host: oh, hello? brian: laura’s at a 92% lean point is really good to su



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