Laughlin’s “Chefs Food Fest”

Come hungry to a big fundraising event happening Thursday in Laughlin! It’s the 23rd Annual Chefs Food Fest, featuring the best chefs from along the Colorado River! Dao & Shawn spoke with Janet Barela, director of the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Belle Executive Chef Dwayne Rose and Chef Fred Rhodes to talk about this great event on October 14th!
he’s so funny? okay, mark your calendar and come hungry to a big fundraiser. >> the chef’s food fest feature the best chefs with delicious meals on the colorado river. with us, jennifer, the director of the laug laughlin chamber and graham rhodes and our friend, fred rhodes. >> dao: welcome back, by the way. >> shawn: you just happened to be the 2009 chef’s best best food award recipient. what’s that like to be the best? >> you’re on top of the world. nothing better than that. >> dao: that’s a lot of pressure though. you have to deliver day after day because people expect it, and dow. >> we do. and we’re going to bring it again this year. >> dao: fighting words. >> we’re expecting to go back with a championship. >> dao: tell us about the event you’re holding. >> it’s the 23rd annual food fest and an amazing event where all our properties, 15 properties, come together as wel as local rest



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