Late Summer Salad

Late Summer Salad
>> it’s a late summer salad, kids went back to school but you still want to celebrate the end of summer. labor day is coming up soon. we have molly here from macy’s showing us this watermelon salad that looks yut standing. >> it is, it is absolutely delicious and i’m using a special product, one of my favorite ingredients. this is an imagination watermelon. >> what makes it an imagination watermelon. >> i condition answer that question. we have to ask the producers. the growers are down in green river so it’s very much watermelon season so trying to start bringing in the local products and get that last summer a big herea. >> i didn’t know this was watermelon seasonk i’m thrilled. >> megs our producer was just saying watermelon is my favorite. >> it’s perfect for her. >> just the most beautiful color. >> it is purple and healthy. you were saying this with be the perfect salad to bring to



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