Last Minute Thanksgiving Tips

Scrambling last minute to make dinner for your Thanksgiving guests can be a hassle! That’s why Shawn talked with Rick Rodgers, author of books like “Thanksgiving 101” and “The Carefree Cook”, to get some tips on how to make this Turkey Day a little more manageable.
>>> welcome back to “the morning blend. the countdown son. two weeks until thanksgiving and the last minute scrambling before guests arrive is painful. we turn to the author of books like thanksgiving 101 and carefree cook, rick rogers. good morning, how are you, my friend? >> very good, shawn. how are you? >> fantastic. you’re well stocked and it’s very important, rick, to stock up head of time. you see so many the day before or day of grabbing what you knee need. >> it’s not just thanksgiving, the whole season. you have six weeks ahead of you so get stuff in the pantry to really work with and look for multiple uses. the essentialses, broth, pasta, tomatoes, beans, look for condiments that you can turn into appetizers, olives, peppers, pickles and salsa. if you have salsa, that brings us to chips. i have fri frito-lay toast tito scoops. corn, healthier oils and salt. that’s it. what you



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