Last Call Cocktail

Last Call cocktail
together the perfect holiday drink. >> unexpected guests, no problem. master mixologist david brogan is here to show us the last call cocktail. easy to make. >> easy to make. we will go to the fridge and pull things out that everyone should have in stock ready to roll at the holidays and you can make a fantastic cocktail. >> they’re never going to know. >> never going to know. we are going to have our shaker full of ice. hefty dose of vodka — >> hefty dose. >> that is much more than more. ounce and a half, two ounces. everybody has cranberry juice — >> it’s good for you. >> red, healthy, this has a little pomegranate in it. >> how much >> an ounce. a little orange juice. >> okay. >> about the same amount. >> yeah. >> ounce, ounce and a half. >> and we will shake this. look at the color. it matches your sweater. >> you did that on purpose. >> i totally wanted to do that to you. it does



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