LaSalle Bakery

Shawn talks to Sarah and Isabella about zeppole and St. Joseph’s Day.
upper 40’s. send it back to you guys. >> all right, thanks t.j. >> thanks very much. shawn has been out at the bakery all morning to get the skinny on zeppoles. >> i don’t think skinny is the word today. >> not with those. >> actually, i’m kind of curious if shawn is full yet or if he’s fallen into a vat of butter. >> i don’t know if it’s st. joseph’s day or valentine’s day, he’s over there kissing. did you see him earlier? kissing the owner, the co-owner? >> why if i could kiss her, i would too, shawn. >> i haven’t had one yet. i swear, the most i have is a little bit of cream that was on my jacket and it was oh, it’s delightful. i’m sitting here with sarah, and isabella. fun fact about isabella. you’ve never had a zeppole before, right? >> no. >> and your mom has been telling you about this for a week. >> yes. >> she’s been torturing you a little bit, but you had to wait for st. joseph



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