Lasagna Malfatti

We’re cooking Lasagna Malfatti with Chef John Granata of Camille’s.
join the link. >> let’s go over to kitchen with patrickic. what h ave you got cooking?ok >> ben is yelling at me this morning. i have no idea. this is john granata and joe j zito over there. r before we start the dish. what’s with the — >> look, here’s the deal, i’m man enoughen to wear a peach shirt. i got a tan, i came back from vacation in st. martin, it’s m fantastic and nt wendy curtis,ur camera operator extraordinary air, saw the shirt and thought it would look greatok with beads, and most twice don’t know how to accessorize. >> you stay over there, joe.oe >> well, ironically, the dish hwe’re makingin today is called malfatti, whichat in italian means all mixed up oedr poorly made. >> wha t’s that got to do with it me. >> certain pastas that are made, and they’re put aside and they package them ande basically y whether we look at this, we’re going to make a mock lasagna with it, s



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