Lamb In Love Recipe

Chef Tim brings a great dish for Valentine’s Day…
tim for this week’s fairbanks flavor. this week, just in time for valentine’s day, he’s showing us how to make a special dish for that special someone. chef tim>> this is chef tim at the westmark kitchen for fairbanks flavor and i’m joined by the lovely darrell. darrell clark>> yes darrell clark, and hey, something smells like love in the air. chef tim>> we are doing lamb in love today. darrell clark>> wonderful, how do we get started? chef tim>> well, uh, i’ve got a rack of lamb here and what you want to start with is to trim that fat off the outside of your rack. this is called a french rack. put a little bit of flour on there. the lamb has already been seasoned with garlic and salt and pepper so it has a little bit… i think a wonderful way to do lamb is to give it a nice herbal background as supporting ingredient in the sauce. darrell clark>> sure chef tim>> so we’re going to do abs



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