Lamb Chops And Maine Mussels

Diane Gardner shares local New England Recipes from her cookbook The New England Cookbook.
perry gardner . welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> thankst for being here. >> thank you. nk >> how did you come up with this name, “what’s cooking , in net’w england”, because thise is your third cokbook. >> my third . i started in m y hometown of madison and then i went to all of new england. i’ve been chatting with peowple d collecting great recipes. >> and finding rich traditions and telling stories through recipes. >> absolutely. people love to le share stories and one thing that brings entogether is food and you’re in the kitchen cooking and sharing recipes, it is a great tradition. >> you’re here in our kitchen to share two recipesr,p making lamb chops and maine mussels. >> right. >> quick appetizers for the holida ys. >> let’s do it. diving into vithe lamb chops. >> we have australian cut lamb chops, whi to me are the best. i will have you chop up some rosemary fo



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