Lakes Park Farmers Market / Fridays Through April 29

Lakes Park Farmers MarketnEvery Friday through April 29n9AM – 1PMnLakes Regional ParknGladiolus & US 41nFort Myersn(239) 691-9349nFREE
Here is an idea what to do today. Head over to mcdonald’s and have a cofe drink. You can surf the web. They have wi-fi. Mcdonald’s is your destination for high-quality cofee and drinks that don’t have coffee. Great value al day every day. Mcdonald’s.nnFrom fresh fruit and vegetables to fresh-cut flowers the lakes park farmer’s market is now open and ready for your visit. In fact, they are open every friday now until the end of april. Here is to tell us what you can find at the farmer market is jean and betsy. Good morning, ladies.nnGood morning.nnPeople love their farmer’s markets and this one i’m really excited about. I have not been yet, but it sounds like there are amazing things here. Lots of things. Tell us about some of the accepteddors that are there.nnWe are so lucky to have over 30 vendors. We have barbecue guy, french bread oven bringing fresh breads. Organic — does a white ch



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