Labor Day Grilling

Whip up some mouth-watering goodness on the grill for your Labor Day get together – D&W Fresh Market show us how
at my house, we grill every week… so by the end of summer, we’re really in need of some new grilling ideas! i hear you… and with the labor day weekend ahead, lots of people will be entertaining… so we asked our friends at d&w fresh market to help us out. out.and boy, did they ever come through for us!… everything to make sure your labor day cookout is the envy of the entire neighborhood. neighborhood.-mouth watering labor day grilling!-larry huizenga/d&w store director -roz mayberry/d&w wine specialist-must have: garlic expressions-try the tri-tip steak!-perfect wine pairing for grilling-knock your socks off burgers!-blue cheese & bacon burgers-yummy pizza burgers -perfect wine for the perfect burger-chocovine exclusive to d&w! i can personally vouch for everything we showed you — it was delicious! we’re going to put all of those recipes on our website… so



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