La Vista Fire & Rescue

Firemen, Rich Uhl and Rory Froehlich, heat it up in the kitchen!
>> and they put out fires everyday and they are serving up sausage. thank you for being here guys. have you masterpieces going on in some of these, right? >> yes. >> how do you get such good cooks there? >> well, eating is pretty important. it takes a lot of energy to fight a fire especially in the winter time. >> you’ve got to fuel up. a lot of people find themselves alone. >> and those guys eat a lot, right? >> yes. >> and you’ve got to laugh. we often hear about firefighters supporting the community and why is it important that you do that >> we like to do that because we help people and like to do that fighting fires answering emergency calls. >> and what is this? >> this is baked ziti and i decided to make this today. >> sew you have lots of red and yellow peppers. >> yes. the thing i like is i love tomatoes and you can see there are peppers, red, orange peppers >> and rory is mixin



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