La Scala Taste

La Scala Taste
>>> .(fros ted 18). .( niccole ). >> la scala italian restau rant will be at the taste of tippecanoe for the 5th year i n a row. ava wilhite shows why la scala is going organic for its menu. .(take pkg). >>ava: la scalava italian resta urant is shaking >>sounds of drink mixing >>ava: things up for this year’s taste of tippecanoe. >>rich cyr: tira misu for one ticket, a pasta dish, a sandwich and also can nolis. >>ava: la scalas.’s general manager rich cyr says home made cannolis are always a fan favorite. 5:16:3 7 >>rich cyr: the cannolis is definitely one of oufir tops, t hey really enjoy that it’s fairly good fingerfood so you o are able to take it with you, it’s also cool it’s a de ssert, its sweet so a lot of people try the cannolis. >>c yr says la scala’s home made ingredients are now home growno me n as well. 5:17:10 >>rich cyr: it’s been a huge step fo r us. the owners themselves



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