La Java Roasting House

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check out la java an see what makes it so special. >> we originally start when we purchased an existing small roaster. which we were all, at that time, out on belt avenue. about a year later, we decided to expand and we came to the the lecation on cardinal and we more than doubled our size. and at that point, we changed our name to la java roasting house. we came up with that. they are two midle initials. l.a. for mine. a for katherine. where we came up with the la. then once we came here, we expanded the actual size of the store. we added a lot more gift items. we are still continuing on with the in-store roasting. we added a line of 80 different teas an expanded the drink menu where we are doing the espreso bar, the brewed cofees, everything on that order, so we have been here now for seven years. recently, last november, we opened our second location on, we are doing the same thing he



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