L Orco Restaurant

Cooking with Francesco of L’ Orco Restaurant in New Haven.
we always do on connecticut style, we’ve invited local owned and operated l’oricio to come in and tempt us with one of their amazing dishes… the man whipping together todays mealbegan his career cooking for summer resorts in italy…yes that’s right!but luckily francesco d’amuri brought his talents to ct he is now co-owner and chef of l’orcio in new haven… welcome, francesco.what are you cooking up for us today?ifou want to check out l’orcio in new haven… here is out l’orcio in new haven… here is there l’orico in new haven, we have the information for you. come to our web site wtnh.com and click on the “connecticut style” link. but there is all of the information. >> yes, on the screen. thank you so much for being here. >> we will taste this at the end of the show. >> i am looking forward to it. >> it



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