KXAN-Garrison Brothers Distillery

A Hill Country distillery is making Texas’ first legal whiskey.
in recent years texas has become known as a producer of quality wines.austin is home to a well regarded brand of “vodka.” “vodka.” but “bourbon” may be next on the list.a whiskey maker in the hill country is now one of just three bourbon distilleries outside the state of dekentucky.kxan’s “jacqueline ingles” has the story. 3 move over wine…bourbon is now being handmade in the hill country. country.dan garrison, proprietor of garrison brothers distillery in hye and his assistants are hard at work making texas’s first legal bourbon. bourbon.dan: “it’s authentic, it’s the real deal, we do it all by hand, every single bottle that we produce, we’ve made ourselves and it’s a lot of work”garrison got into the bourbon business in 2007. leaving behind a career in technology marketing to become a self-taught bourbon manufacturer. manufacturer.dan: “i wanted to produce something that i could touc



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