KXAN-2010 Fredericksburg Grape Harvest

Winemakers are reporting a banner grape growing year in the Texas Hill Countyr.
vineyard owners are raising their glass to a record grape harverst in the hill country. country. it’s even caught the attention of travel critics who are now calling the texas wine trail a ‘mini napa valley’ valley’ all new at five… kxan’s jacqueline ingles tells us how mild winter weather is benefitting wine etsiasts. 3 winery owner ken maxwell is checking up on his grapevines grapevinesthis year they produced such a bountiful crop—all that’s left are empty vines. vines.ken: “typically, texas yields about one ton per acre of grapes. this year, i personally had over three tons per acre.”3 weather is behind the banner harvest.unlike the late freezes and drought that damaged the crop in year’s past. past.david: “we had nice even temperatures during the summer, we had good rains. all of those combined to give us a really strong harvest.” harvest.”ken: this is the first year we have had



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