Krolls Winning Skillet

Whether you eat it at 7 or wait till 11 a good breakfast is the perfect start to the day. After traveling to all 50 states the Food Network Magazine announces the top 50 breakfasts and topping the list in North Dakota is Krolls Ranchers Skillet. Reporter Megan Lowry tells us what makes this skillet number one. (Eggs Sizzling) No matter how you take your eggs-scrambled, poached or sunnyside up- (Cherisa Ryberg, Krolls Diner)”Breakfasts is the most important meal of the day, I love breakfast.” At Krolls dinner breakfast doesn’t end with the noon rush, and it’s most popular meal the Ranchers Skillet is never served up quite the same way. “Everybody has there favorite way of having it and we have regualrs that walk through the door and we know when they come in what they are going to order how to make it so its fun that way.” It’s the combination of eggs, potato’s, green pepper and onion all mixed together and topped with cheese that keeps customers coming back. 20:41 I like the ham the onions, the hashbrowns I think I like the most “It’s got your vegtables in it and cheese I like it’s got a a good flavor to. I’m cheating on my normal diet.” Seasoned to perfection, the appeal is more than just presentation. “It makes people know that when they have this it’s somthing that they will be satisfied with and they are going to feel good when they leave” Breakfast Lunch or dinner it’s a “skillet” that has customers wanting seconds, and a national food magazine putting it first. ” I love it I come here breakfast or dinner and get it.” (Nat of food going on plate.) With Kx News I’m Megan Lowry. At $7.50 the Ranchers Skillet is served with your choice of toast or biscuits and gravy. Krolls has three location in the Bismarck Mandan Area.



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